2022 OpenSpace Community Events - In Person or Virtual?

  • 13 January 2022
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We are starting to plan our Community events for 2022 and we wanted to get your input, especially given the current COVID environment.

We want to host events that you all would find valuable and actually attend! So please fill out the poll below to help guide our planning for Community events happening in the first quarter of 2022 :point_down:

If you have any other thoughts or ideas regarding Community events or ways you would want to connect, make sure to drop them in the comments.


Would you be comfortable attending Community events in person or would you prefer virtual events?

2 replies

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I would love either, but I think for a majority of this year I could see travel being an issue.  So if in person events are a route that you guys would like to go it would be cool to see more smaller events around the country rather than one really big one in California.  Otherwise if you guys do more virtual events just use the same DJ as the last one!  Loved the music and conversations.

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@Gerard thank you for the feedback! Definitely looking into more local regional events if we are able to pull off in-person. And LOVE the feedback on the Waypoint DJ and event host :clap:  We’ve gotten many other similar comments, so we will make sure to keep good energy, music, and conversations going for our events :notes: