Careers in Construction: Call for Videos!

  • 24 August 2022
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Careers in Construction: Call for Videos!
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 🛠  Are you passionate about working in the construction industry? 
🌟 Do you want to be featured at Waypoint, in the OpenSpace Community,
and across our social media platforms?

🔥 Then you are the perfect candidate to be one of our
Construction Careers Champions! 

October is when we will be hosting Waypoint, but it is also Careers in Construction Month (CICM)! In celebration, we want to gather input from our Community and showcase how impactful and rewarding career paths in the building industry are. Between August 24th and September 24th, share a short clip responding to any of our prompts below, and you will be featured at Waypoint, in the OpenSpace Community, and across our social media platforms!



  • Record a video of yourself responding to any of the prompts below. *Bonus points if you record at a jobsite or with construction in the background for extra allure 😉*
  • Make sure to start the video by introducing yourself! (Name, Company, Role) We want viewers to get to know you.
  • If you want to respond to multiple prompts, please submit your response to each prompt separately (i.e. if you want to respond to 5 prompts, you will be submitting 5 different videos). There is no limit to the number of videos you can submit.
  • Your video should be between 10-30 seconds long. 
  • 🗣 Please make sure your audio is good! We want to clearly hear your message.
  • Submit your video through this form. If your video is hosted on another platform (i.e. YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, TikTok), the form lets you just submit the URL. If your video is a standalone file, the form also lets you just upload your file. You have choices!
  • NOTE: If you post anywhere on social media, don’t forget to include the hashtag #OSCareersInConstruction❗️


Feel free to respond to any of the prompts below, or just share your own thoughts on your construction career:

🤔 Why did you choose to go into construction?
💙 What do you love about working in construction?
🏬 What has been your favorite project you’ve worked on?
👷 Who has been the most influential person/mentor in your career and what have they done?
🌟 What has been the best career advice you’ve received, or what career advice would you want to give future construction professionals?
❓ If you could change anything about your industry what would it be?
💡 What is something you wish more people knew about construction?
📆 What is your favorite part of the work day?
🤣 What is your favorite construction joke?
🔨 What is your favorite tool to work with?



  • All valid video submissions will be featured at Waypoint, where hundreds of construction professionals, thought leaders, and innovators will be attending!
  • All valid video submissions will be shared on all OpenSpace social media platforms in October to celebrate CICM!
  • All valid video submissions will be posted in the OpenSpace Community to highlight the passion that our Community members have!


  • The deadline to submit your video(s) to be an OpenSpace Construction Career Champion is September 24th at 11:59 PM PDT.

We look forward to seeing your video submissions in the next month. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reply below! 👇

Join the movement to shed light on construction careers, and inspire the next generation of builders!

4 replies

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I can’t wait to see folks from this Community who enter be highlighted not only during Waypoint but across our media platforms! 🙌💙

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📢 REMINDER: We’re halfway through our Call for Videos! Only two weeks left for you to submit your short videos and be featured at Waypoint!


We’re excited to see more of your submissions and hear your stories about your careers in construction 😊 

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Working on it

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🚨 It's been almost one month since we shared out this call for videos, and wow, do we love the submissions so far; please keep them coming! 

🗓️ We know folks have wanted to submit a video but need more time, so we are extending the deadline to Monday, September 26th (11:59 PM PDT). Due to the number of requests from people interested in participating but wanting a few extra days to get their video done, we are excited to see what you have to share.

🎥 But that's not all; if you're reading this and are interested in sharing a video about your passion for working in the construction industry, check out a sample video from @Taylor Anderson, Customer Success Manager at OpenSpace, who came from the construction industry, for inspiration!

👏 Submit your video through this form 👏