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  • 11 November 2021
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Hey Everyone,

As the Black Friday Shopping is coming up, I thought I would share what I use in addition to my Insta 360 One X camera. I bet these products will be at a great discount in the next two weeks.

In addition to the Insta360 One X camera, I use the NXT technologies rechargeable battery in the link below. Its awesome because the LED tells you how much battery you have and it can last about a day. (12hours)

NXT Technologies 24385183 5000 mAh 1 USB Port PowerBank, Black (Amazon Hyperlink) $13.00

I also use a micro USB that came separately. I use a small one from an old wireless speaker of mine in the picture.

For micro-usb cables to charge the NXT Technologies portable battery. I recommend using the

amazon basics micro-usb (Amazon Hyperlink Approx. $10.00)

As for my camera holster I carry my camera and charger in I use the….

Amazon Basics Holster Camera Case (Amazon Hyperlink) $14.00

As you can see, the OpenSpace camera cable can work with my rechargeable battery. Captures can be recorded with the rechargeable battery ON charging the camera. My Insta360 One X came with a long cable from the pouch that my battery sits in to my hardhat so I can charge while I’m walking. If this setup doesn't work for you all, I recommend putting the rechargeable battery in the pocket of a safety vest and having the camera charge on your hardhat. 

What's great is the pouch has a separate area to protect the camera lens. (Trust me it all zips up easy in the 2nd picture)



8 replies

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SO HELPFUL! Thank you for sharing @KevLyons :thumbsup:

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Pretty impressive set up.  That reminds me @nikiya, do you think we can get an OpenSpace robot?  (Robocop with 360 camera on head for use as baseline design):





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Thanks for the ideas

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Pretty impressive set up.  That reminds me @nikiya, do you think we can get an OpenSpace robot?  (Robocop with 360 camera on head for use as baseline design):





Haha @Anodizedfate I’ll get on it ASAP! Thanks for the attached reference image :sweat_smile: So innovative

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Super helpful, thanks for sharing @KevLyons! I’ve seen teams use a similar setup with the Ricoh Theta cameras as well. 

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To all the newer OpenSpace users, I posted an OpenSpace supplemental products list last year. Black Friday shopping/cyber Monday shopping is coming up and I have a new link for the rechargeable battery pack.



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@KevLyons I always appreciate your timely and relevant product recommendations! 😄 Maybe we make this a yearly tradition and you update your list every Thanksgiving with the latest & greatest selections? 😉

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@Nikiya Crisostomo I agree!! I will give product recommendations as I have in the past. I will make a separate post about this now as it is Cyber Monday.