Weekly Construction Chatter #1: 2023 Industry Trends

  • 11 January 2023
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Weekly Construction Chatter #1: 2023 Industry Trends
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With a New Year comes a new exciting approach to the Community! Each week we will be posting a weekly discussion series. This will be a reoccurring event where the Community can come together to discuss a specific topic or theme where everyone is encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas. To engage with a weekly discussion series, you can actively listen to others and contribute by asking questions, commenting, and sharing your own experiences and insights. Respecting others' opinions and contributing to a positive and inclusive atmosphere are important.


💬 Weekly Construction Chatter Series #1


The construction industry has come a long way regarding technology and techniques used on the job site. The way we build and create infrastructure is constantly changing from prefabricated materials to drones for surveying and project management. With these changes come challenges and opportunities. Here at OpenSpace, we are kicking off the new year by gathering insights into the construction industry's current state and direction for 2023.


Your participation in this survey will help paint a picture of the construction industry today and inform the direction it takes in the future. If you are interested in participating, click here to take the survey.


Have additional thoughts that weren't asked in the survey? Drop your comments below to hear what others think about this topic on the future of construction technology! We look forward to hearing your thoughts and insights and appreciate your contribution to this industry insight.

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