Project Member List - Email Integration

  • 3 December 2021
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Hey OS,

I would really love to see the ability to send a mass email out to all the project members on a given project at any given time. 

For example, maybe I updated a really important capture that I want the team aware of (internal/external stakeholders), I’d want to go to the ‘members’, select on say an ‘outlook’ button - allowing me to quickly send out a mass update.

It would empower all users admin/company/project teams to communicate critical updates within 1-2 clicks, ensuring all stakeholders are kept up-to-date. 




4 replies

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I like this Idea I think that it would be helpful for project teams.

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Hi @SLamrock, great product idea! I’d be happy to submit a product request to our team and see if we can get this developed.


Question for you about who would have access to this feature; what sort of user status would you like to see have access to this feature? Org and Site admins only? 

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Hey @jheinze.

Thanks for following up on this.

Believe it’s sensible for Org/Site admins to have access to this feature, as a point of departure. Imagine we can increase project team’s user rights if they feel the need to have access to this tool and the increased functionality. Enforcing that project viewers/editors may not require such functionality.

Let me know what you think!

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Totally agree @SLamrock. I think it makes most sense for Org/Site admins to have access to this feature. I’ll send this product request feedback over to our team and have your dedicated CSA rep reach out if we see any progress on the development of this feature. 


Thanks again for the feedback!