Pathfinder Friday: Pauline Schoech

Pathfinder Friday: Pauline Schoech

🙌  It’s #PathfinderFriday🎊


Watch this short video to learn more about Pathfinder Pauline Schoech, her career in construction, her experience using OpenSpace, and what being a Pathfinder means to her. 



If you want to connect with Pauline, reach out to her in the Community! :point_right:@pschoech  
If you want to read more about her story and the stories of other Pathfinders, visit our Pathfinder Spotlights Gallery. If this all seems interesting to you and you want to be able to share your own story as well, make sure to apply to be a Pathfinder!

Awesome video @pschoech! Welcome to the Pathfinders club!!