Project Highlight: Munson Surgical Addition, Pioneer Construction

Project Highlight: Munson Surgical Addition, Pioneer Construction


Pioneer Construction, a general contractor based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, utilized OpenSpace on the Munson Medical Surgical Addition project in Traverse City, Michigan. The project scope included constructing a ground-up, 3-story, surgical addition with room for mechanical space, new surgical suites, conference space, and space for a future build-out. The project also upgraded the existing energy center with heavy infrastructure and utility work for current and future additions. In total, the project built and renovated over 48,000 SF of surgical and energy center space.


Why is this important? 


The Munson Medical Surgical Addition greatly expanded the Munson Surgical Center at a time when the hospital needed it most. The hospital recently expanded its women’s and children’s center and the surgical addition gave the Munson team surgical space to accommodate these patients.


Pioneer Construction had worked with Munson in the past but this complex project was the first major surgery center that the team had worked on at a hospital campus. The surgery addition posed several complicated problems including: 

  • The project was approximately 8 months into construction when the site was shut down due to COVID-19. 

  • Construction was halted for close to 9 months due to COVID-19 and the schedule was accelerated to make up for the pause in work.

  • The surgical addition was being built next to an existing surgery center so any sort of construction noise, vibration, or debris could have been detrimental to the patients.

  • Heavy infrastructure and utility work was needed in order to support the renovated energy center space. 

Due to the complexity of the project, Micah Frens, Scott Veine, Mike VerBeek and the rest of the Pioneer team leveraged OpenSpace and other technologies to help deliver a successful project. Remote jobsite access gave insights into the project, not only for remote Pioneer teams, but for the owner, design, facility management, and subcontractor teams as well. In addition, Pioneer actively used technologies like OpenSpace to increase efficiency, deliver a quality project, and even convert some ‘old-schoolers’ who had previously pushed back on using technology along the way.




To this day, Pioneer is still working with the Munson team and providing them with OpenSpace captures and visuals to aid with facility management and renovations. Congratulations to Micah, Scott, Mike, and the rest of the Pioneer team on delivering such a successful project!

Key Benefits of Using OpenSpace 

✅  Validation that future build-outs were installed per plan with the use of the BIM Viewer

⌛️  Ability to go back in time and view in-wall rough-ins after drywall was hung to help locate blocking and missed critical utilities that may have otherwise been damaged by fasteners and penetrations

📈  Realtime progress tracking to help track and drive an accelerated project schedule

💻  Remote jobsite visibility during COVID-19 and for out-of-town project team members



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