Use Case Highlight: Field Notes for Equipment Tagging & O&M Manual Handoff

Use Case Highlight: Field Notes for Equipment Tagging & O&M Manual Handoff


OpenSpace Field Notes are a versatile tool that can be used to document issues for RFIs, Observations, Punch List, etc. Chad Lucks (@Lucks)  and his team at US Engineering are pushing the limits of what Field Notes can be used for. Their team is using Field notes to pinpoint where all equipment is located in the building and utilizing several new Field Note features to tag equipment and include O&M Manual information to use as a handoff document to the Owner.


Why is this important? 

US Engineering has been working closely with the Owner at the National Western Center Campus. When the project is complete, the Owner will have personnel operate their building remotely and they will need to be able to access equipment information without being onsite. Through the use of Field Note “Comments” and “Attachments”, the US Engineering team is able to include hyperlinks to startup forms, equipment submittals, and pictures of name plates. They are also able to use custom “Tags” to identify the different types of equipment. When the project is complete, the US Engineering team is planning to give the Owner team a Field Note Report that will include all equipment related Field Notes. 


Key Benefits of Using OpenSpace Field Notes

:camera_with_flash:  Photo documentation and floorplans markups

:speech_left:  Internal communication and notification tools

:white_check_mark:  Ability to add statuses and tags to simplify the filtering process

:paperclip:  Ability to add attachments and hyperlinks




@jheinze Its great to see for this project that the Owner and Owner’s representative's can utilize OpenSpace field notes and reports and benefit from it with organizing equipment in the turnover phase. Great for punch lists as well.

Couldn’t agree more @KevLyons. Field Notes and FN Reports can be a great handoff tool for the owner and keep all relevant information in one spot!

If you haven’t seen it yet, we have a full blog post and case study diving deeper into US Engineering’s use of OpenSpace to mitigate risk and reduce travel time. Check it out here to learn more! Again, thank you to Chad Lucks (@Lucks) and the US Engineering team for sharing their OpenSpace experience and use cases 😊

Very cool to see the owner so open to using the tool!