2 Screens - Is it possible to have the plan on one and the 360 photos on another?

  • 29 September 2021
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Hi Everyone,

I work with 2 screens (how does anyone not these days!) and often when walking the site virtually in openspace, I wish that I could have my plan on one screen and the 360 photos on another. Does anyone know how to make this happen? See the photo above with the plan area in red and the 360 photos in blue. Unfortuantely I can’t figure out how to open the plan in it’s own seperate window. Please let me know if you knwo how to do this.

Often when trying to look at different areas of the site I have to expand the plan to click the area I want and then minimize it to see the photos. It would save a lot of time if I could have them on two seperate screens. 


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7 replies

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So you are saying have the plans pop out? That would be nice, only think I can think of is opening up a second browser and having it on your second screen. (P.S. 2 screens is out dated, 3 is the way to go lol)

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Haha, haven’t gone into full Star Trek mode yet (3 screens), but maybe I’ll get there!

Yeah a pop-out is what I’m looking for. I’ve opened up the plan in another browser to see it a little bigger before, but it doesn’t help with actually jumping between areas of the plan and having the 360 photo update to the new location. I often have to increase the plan anywas just to click in the area I’m looking for. Unfortunately with industrial buildings they are just big rectangles, so it’s tough to see the grildines on a small plan.

Maybe I just need a bigger screen! Conference room openspace?

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Tagging @OpenSpace Product here because even though we’ve gotten the answer that the best way (currently) to do this is to open it up in two separate windows (or 3!), it seems like there’s an interest in having plans pop out. 

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Hi @Brycethomassin and @Cwahl do you ever use Sheets View? Customers like it because it flips the way of viewing captures on its head and provides an easier way to view the walks and jump to particular areas. Really like your idea of having the ability for the plans to pop out though. Thanks for sharing! 

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@georgie thank you for that tip! I will make sure to recommend this to our project teams.

I just got a Samsung 49” curved monitor and it works great for looking at the 3d walks on half the screen and the model comparison on the other half of the screen.

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Similar to the last reply I usually use a 2 monitor setup as opposed to an ultrawide and that works out really well