Got any tips for implementing OpenSpace on a new project?

  • 26 January 2022
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Hi All,


In a few months, my team will be using OpenSpace for the first time on a new ground-up mixed use project. I will be managing and helping set up the initial process for our team to use OpenSpace. Our project engineer and superintendents will likely be doing most of the captures.


Any tips or suggestions for a successful initial setup that would provide the most value through the duration of the project?


Any lessons learned on what you wish you had implemented from day one?


Any feedback or tips are appreciated!

3 replies

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Hi @dcueva, I’m a Customer Success Manager here at OpenSpace and I’d be happy to help get your project set up to help your team get the most out of OpenSpace. I’ll shoot you a message and see what we can do to help get you started.


Other OpenSpace users, please feel free to jump into this thread with project set-up tips and tricks that worked for your teams!

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Develop a schedule and make sure you stick to it.  Whether it is walking every Monday at 9 AM or whatever works for you, but setting a schedule and making a team or multiple team members responsible for it is key.  Also think about what you are really looking for.  One of the things I knew I was really looking to gain from this was having photo documentation of concrete slabs before they were poured, so every morning of a pour day I made sure to walk so that if down the road we were missing a sleeve and needed to core drill for example I could make sure that we would be avoiding areas with conduit or something in the slab.  Try to highlight key moments like that example of what you want to make sure that you don’t miss.

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@dcueva I would recommend getting a routine setup for when captures should be taken. It varies job-to-job but when we rolled it out we picked two days a week to gather captures. We tend to walk the same path so getting that route down will provide you more efficiency as you progress in the project. You can never take too many captures!