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  • 4 November 2021
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Has anyone had issues with their captures linking with a BIM file? The sync has worked for me 3 times previously with smaller files.

I use the architects’ .nwd file and it is about 68,000 KB. I’m having trouble with linking the model with captures. I uploaded the model (on the right) a week after the captures. I waited another week for the model to sync after the .nwd BIM file upload. The captures and BIM model did not sync after this process.




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6 replies

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Hi @KevLyons, great question! 

The upload of a new or replacement model automatically creates a ticket for OpenSpace to then align or re-align the project to the model. During this alignment process the lock icon is temporarily unavailable.

Once the model is aligned the lock icon will then be available. The alignment timeframe may vary based on the model complexity and number of floorplans. If you need the model alignment prioritized please reach out to Support ( and will be more than happy to expedite it for you.

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Thank you, @sandram. The syncing of the model does not have to be expedited. I will be following up with more captures for the project in the next 2-3 weeks and then I’ll try to re-upload the model.

I appreciate the feedback!!

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You are super welcome @KevLyons:thumbsup_tone2:

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@KevLyons that was a great issue to post about, I learned something new.  @sandram thanks for answering that

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HI all, 
we hawe some BIM modell, federated modell with structure, steel constructions, HVAC subworks, total cirka 1Gb modell.

The alignement was a couple of hours, but we can use the modell “the net day”….

The question is only a re-aligment of a project, if we upload a new modell with multiple bouildigs of the same project….

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@Tibor The large hospital model (1million square foot 68KB .nwd BIM model) shown above is the largest I’ve uploaded. I have never uploaded a model with more than one building. You may be the first to test that.