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  • 14 December 2021
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A few months ago, Clancy & Theys led an OpenSpace webinar centered around optimizing OpenSpace. I highly encourage those of you who would like to create more efficiencies to listen to the recording, but I have posted the takeaways below. 


Have a ‘Getting Started’ Guide

  • Provided Equipment

  • Project Creation, Who to Contact and Where to Go

  • Support

  • Additional Resources and Recommendations


  • Walking Paths: How are you planning out the walk?

  • Consistency with Naming Conventions: 

    • Progress and Milestone Walks

    • Date in Name of Capture

Viewing Captures: 

  • Sheets View

  • Calendar View


Swift Navigation through Field Notes

  • Use Field Notes to navigate through the project

  • Coordination meeting: Drop a Field Note and tag it BIM Coordination (“Hey, we are installing sleeves…” and notify people as a way to track it

  • Have PMs add Field Notes in a Sub/Internal meeting - A way to log views and jump around the project

  • Room location

Sharing Captures: 

  • Shared Folder

    • Turnover to Owner

    • Pre-Pour Conditions

  • Public Links - Entire job or Shared Folder?

BIM Viewer Techniques:  

  • Work to be completed - cool to see the structure around the mechanical equipment and what was supposed to be installed 

  • Back checking coordination (check overhead plumbing) to see if trades deviated and why they did - checking that what they modeled is what they installed 

  • Get a general sense of our subs installing what we have wanted


Of course every process will be different based on the market sector you’re in and project, but please share any recommendations or processes below! Why reinvent the wheel when others have already found a great method? 

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@georgie Thank you for posting this! I was unable to sit in on the webinar, but wanted to hear what they had to say.