Sync Problem with ricoh theta z1 with desktop app

  • 30 October 2021
  • 2 replies

i have 2 new Ricoh Tetha z1, and i am not able to sync it with the desktop sync app.


I am very familiar with the Desktop sync app, i have almost 2 years with a insta one x, and i sync it with the Desktop app with out any problem.

I am already , do all the thinks i can, desinstall and re install, update app,  check that the files can be view with the desktop file explorer, etc…


Let me know if some one else have this problem.

2 replies

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Humberto! You definitely know your stuff!

I am glad we connected this evening to gather additional information to further investigate this for you! We now know more about this issue and our Engineers are hard at work looking into a resolution. In the meantime, Support has noted workarounds to the customers impacted by this situation.

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We had an issue with memory space on the Z1 as you can not insert a SD card like in the Insta360s but we haven't had upload problems.