The 5-Minute Guide to Construction Photo Documentation

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Have you checked out our eBook The 5-Minute Guide to Construction Photo Documentation📚


As we get more and more new OpenSpace users and we see Community posts from our more experienced users providing their top tips for getting started with OpenSpace, we also wanted to get better at sharing resources to help our customers. This eBook lays out our top tips and camera recommendations to get started with 360° photo documentation.

💡 Understand the pitfalls of manual photo documentation and benefits of 360˚ capture

📸 Choose the right type of 360° camera

👷 Capture your job site like a pro

🏅 Become a power user of a 360° photo platform

✅ Get buy-in from your team


If you would like more resources like this eBook, make sure to comment below with the topics you would like to learn more about! 👇

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I brought this up in a zoom call previously, but it would be super useful to have a pamphlet/slide deck/some sort of presentation formatted material on pitching ClearSight to our teams.  Some real use case examples, time saved, mock reports etc.  Would be super useful in explaining why I want my company to spend even more money on you guys 😆 

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I agree with @Gerard, it is easy for me to see the benefits but it is hard for me to talk about it to others. Most of the time they want to see or hear about how others have benefited from it and hear their success stories.

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Got it, thanks for the feedback! We’ve heard this request from a few others as well. We are talking through the best ways to provide you with these resources and I will update this thread once it’s ready.