Tricks Found and Industries Using OpenSpace

  • 29 September 2021
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Listening to several webinars, it sounds like there is a wide range of industries and construction projects that are utilizing OpenSpace. Currently we are using it to track several large tenant improvement jobs but what type of project or industry are you using the product? What tricks have you found for capturing that type of project? For me, I've found trying to walk the same path improves my capture time and zig zagging through column sections ensure I capture the full space. Walking the same path seems to streamline when we need to go back and search for a capture. Also, a good light really helps the capture images since we all know temporary lighting doesn’t usually cover everything. 


I've had a few developers approach us as well thinking this may be useful in building/campus maintenance on capturing existing conditions or even documenting projects themselves. 

3 replies

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We use it on a few different types of projects from ground up, renovations, and pursuits. We have found that walking slowly and it well lit areas helps improve quality along with using the new Ricoh Theta Z1 Camera. We have one project team that has tested out different distances from walls and found that about 6’ is the best for quality. We also have a few owners that love it so much that they want it on all of their projects that we do for them from now on, both for use during and after construction.

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I’m doing a lot of renovations projects now on a college campus and have found out that a simple video walk of a space when I see it for the first time has saved me in more ways than one.  A lot of spaces are used by students and managed by someone that doesn’t go into the space.  Furthermore, before a renovation begins, the furnishings are relocated by movers that don’t inventory, so there are a lot of fingers in the pot, but nobody really 100% vested.  If something bad happens to a space and I don’t track it, it’s very easy to be held responsible unless I have some proof.

A “trick” or “best use” tactic that I started doing for some of these renovations projects was to switch to 360 photos and not always do video.  Some small rooms are hard to see everything with the camera on your hard hat because it blocks the lower portion of the photo.  Some rooms I just do a photo only on a tripod and just stand outside of the room.  I found a pretty good selfie stick/tripod that is very portable and comes in handy for instances like that:

Also, when doing a prepour inspection or wanting to capture the floor before it gets final finishes on it, I use the selfie stick and hold it up higher above my head so it is much easier to get the birds eye view of rebar configuration or the status of the floor before and after install.

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We use it on new construction (both residential and industrial) as well as on tenant imporvement projects. My experience has led me to walk about a foot away from walls to ensure I capture everything in these areas. The walls is where the most action is (MEP items), so walking near them has been important to ensure you can see what is there when looking at the captures.