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  • 8 September 2022
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Hey Everyone,

As an org admin, I find that when have to share with everyone in my project team the Tenant Fit-Out Demo Project, it is still a steep learning curve for new users in my project team. (Shown Below)

Is there a way that this video below can be incorporated by default in the invitation to help give new users a better understanding of what the User Interface looks like? I always copy and paste this video for reference to my team. Its a great video!


For Example:

Welcome to your new OpenSpace Project. We recommend you check out this 3-min video giving you a brief overview of our OpenSpace software.



Please also check out this tenant improvement link.

Project Link: XYZ…..

2 replies

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Hey @KevLyons!

Thank you for sharing this insight with us. It's certainly a helpful approach to adding educational content. I'll pass this feedback on to the teams and see what we can do. From there, I'll be sure to follow up once I have more information on what the next steps will look like.

I also want to thank you for the additional effort in providing visual content such as screenshots AND a video for reference. This information helps provide context and ensure we can follow your idea exactly as you described. 

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Hey @KevLyons the team shared that your suggestion is a good idea and something we’ll add to our list to include in emails. Thanks again for sharing your thoughtful feedback! 

cc @RichardOS