What are “Product Ideas” in the OpenSpace Community?

  • 29 December 2022
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What are “Product Ideas” in the OpenSpace Community?
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We are committed and excited to partner with our Community to keep developing better products for the construction industry. Everyone here is a construction expert, and we want to learn from you! So we set up this exclusive “Product Ideas” module in the Community for this idea exchange.


IMPORTANT: Only OpenSpace users can access the Product Ideas module. If you are an OpenSpace user but didn’t use your OpenSpace email or login to register for the OpenSpace Community (or you used your OpenSpace email or login but still can’t access the module), please direct message @Nikiya Crisostomo or @Krystal Wu, or email for access.


What are Product Ideas? 💡

Product ideas are wishes and suggestions for improvement submitted by our customers. If you are missing a feature in OpenSpace that would be helpful for you and your team, please share your wish with the Community.


What is the Product Ideas module? ✍️

The Product Ideas module is the best place to share your ideas and feature requests and discuss them with other Community members and the OpenSpace team. We will engage with ideas as necessary to better understand your use cases and perspectives and help us decide whether we want to pursue an idea. 

In addition to sharing your ideas, you can read other people’s ideas and upvote them if you want to see them implemented in the product. You can comment on them to add your insights.


What happens to submitted Product Ideas? 👀

The feedback and wishes of our customers are essential for further product development. That’s why the Community team reviews all incoming ideas, and the Product team may comment or contact you directly to get more insights to understand why you want the new feature.

Our current process for reviewing product ideas submitted through the Community is as follows:

New Idea submitted

The Community team reviews and monitors ideas, then adds them to the master list of Product Ideas submitted through the Community.

Quarterly Product Review

Every quarter, the Community team meets with the Product team to review product ideas submitted through the Community. Only product ideas that receive more than three upvotes from customers will be considered during this review. (Note that this is subject to change. As the OpenSpace Community grows, this threshold will likely increase beyond three.)

Quarterly Status Update

After the Quarterly Product Review, all product ideas that were reviewed (those that got more than three customer upvotes) will receive the most up-to-date status in the Community. (See next section for Idea Status definitions)



What do the Idea Statuses mean in the Community? 🏷

We track the status of your Idea here to give you and the Community an overview of what is happening: 


All newly submitted ideas receive this status as a default, and the status is not updated until they are first considered at a Quarterly Product Review (once they receive more than three customer upvotes).


The idea already exists as a separate submission in the Product Ideas module. We merged it with the other idea and transferred all the votes to keep the discussion in one place.


The idea has been reviewed at a Quarterly Product Review. This means that we think the idea is interesting, but we are still deciding whether we want to do something with it. This could mean we want to wait for more feedback and/or upvotes or that this idea does not fit our product strategy but is something we might look at later.


The idea has passed the research phases, and the Product team is planning to develop, test, and release the new feature. We can’t say how long this development process will take, as it depends on each case. 


The idea has been implemented, and a new function or feature has been built. 


Subject to change at any time: As we continue to grow, this process may change at any time. We will update this page whenever updates are made to the process.


Now it's up to you! Share your wishes and suggestions for improvement with us. 


» Click here to visit Product Ideas in the Community.
» Click here to read the guidelines for submitting product ideas in the Community.


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Thanks for breaking that down @Jess Lam!