2022 OpenSpace Awards

2022 OpenSpace Awards

In case you missed it,

we announced our 2022 OpenSpace Awards at Waypoint! 🏆🌟


The annual OpenSpace Awards celebrate our power users and champions.

Most of our OpenSpace Awards are based on product usage:

📸 Company With the Most Capture Minutes

📱 Project With the Most Capture Minutes

👷 Most Active OpenSpace User

📋 Project With the Most Field Notes

💻 Company With the Most BIM Sites

📊 Company With the Most OpenSpace Track Captures


This year, we added four OpenSpace Awards based on activity in the OpenSpace Community:

💡 Most Valuable Product Idea (MVPi)

🔎 Use Case Highlight With the Most Engagement

🥇 Most Active Community Member

✨ Community Rising Star


Our 2022 winners were a big factor and contributor to our growth and success in the last year, so we want to thank, congratulate, and recognize them all. See below for a list of all the winners of the 2022 OpenSpace Awards. If you see any of them in the Community, make sure to send them a message congratulating them!













Congrats to all the winners!

Congratulations everyone and great job @Nikiya Crisostomo !

Congratulations Everyone!!!

It’s a genuine pleasure to accept 2 awards, well done to all our projects at Ardmore Construction fantastic team work to get to the top and win. Let’s keep up the hard work we put into using OpenSpace, industry changing technology in construction