Project Highlight

Project Highlight: Shared Folders by Shaw Construction

Project Highlight: Shared Folders by Shaw Construction


Shaw Construction, a general contractor based in the Rocky Mountain region of the United States, is using OpenSpace’s technology on their Havens on Fanny Hill project. The scope consists of ten custom single family homes nestled in the hillside in Snowmass Village, Colorado (twenty minutes outside of Aspen) accompanied by an underground parking garage for residents and guests.


Shaw Construction is utilizing OpenSpace’s Public Link to Shared Folders feature to communicate with a variety of project stakeholders. 360 degree video captures have been shared with the project’s LEED consultant based out of Berthoud, Colorado (a 4 hour drive from Snowmass Village). This allows for the consultant to view the job site with a simple click of their mouse. During a recent OpenSpace review, the consultant noticed the overhead ducting in the patio area was missed during the thermal insulation coating process. Although this detail was not called out in the drawings, the consultant was able to remotely confirm that in fact the ductwork was intended to be coated.

Similarly, the Shared Folder public link was sent to the Havens on Fanny Hill design team (based in North Carolina). They were able to catch the ceiling beam in the master bedroom that was not coated with the thermal insulation either.

In both cases, Shaw Construction’s onsite team was notified and promptly coated the ductwork and beam with the insulation as soon as confirmation was received. 


Why is this important? 

The LEED consultant and design team’s ability to view this project’s captures through the Shared Folder link ultimately saved all project stakeholders (the GC, design team, owner, etc.) time and money. Specifically, it avoided rework down the road – they didn’t have to tear out the drywall after the project was completed just to coat the beam and ductwork. OpenSpace was able to help ensure that the project stays on schedule and within budget.


Key Benefits of Using OpenSpace Shared Folders

:airplane:   Allows for stakeholders to remotely review the job site saving travel time & costs 

:mag_right:   Provides visualization ensuring that what is being constructed aligns with the design team’s intent

:calendar_spiral:   Eliminates rework, ultimately keeping the project on schedule and within budget 

:chart_with_upwards_trend:   Increases transparency and collaboration amongst project team members leading to higher quality work



Where can I learn more about Shared Folders? Read this Support article!


Thank you to @danielrude (Project Engineer at Shaw Construction) for sharing this story with us! For any questions or comments, or if you want further detail on this highlight, feel free to connect with him.