New Changes Coming to Our OpenSpace Community! [Feb 2023]

  • 24 February 2023
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New Changes Coming to Our OpenSpace Community! [Feb 2023]
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👋 Hello OpenSpace Community!

New and exciting changes are coming for us 😀 Late last year we reached our one-year Community anniversary. We took that opportunity to reflect and assess the engagement trends up to this point to make certain we continue to focus on the optimal value the Community provides for our members. 


A Product-Focused Community


What we learned from our analysis is that you highly value the OpenSpace Community’s connection to Product. Our Product Ideas section is our most visited page in the Community, a majority of the discussions in the forums are centered on the products, and one of the top Community requests has always been for more product education, tutorials, and paths to certification. 

We appreciate your feedback and are making the Community more product-focused moving forward. Here are some changes you can expect in the next several months to reinforce what is working well in the Community:


  • 💡 We recently updated our Product Ideas process to provide you with quarterly updates on the statuses of your submitted feature requests. With this new product focus, we aim to further improve this process, and we are prioritizing the optimization of product feedback loops between our Community and the Product team. We want to make sure we are building products you want and can get the most value from, so this is a top focus area with more details coming soon.
  • ⭐ We will be revamping and relaunching our Pathfinder Program with a clearer charter and closer alignment to the Product team. We’ll have exciting new perks and benefits (spoiler alert: automatic access to all product betas!).
  • 📚 Soon, you will be able to access OpenSpace Academy, where you can take guided courses and tutorials to learn all about OpenSpace products, whether you’re a beginner or an expert.
  • 🤝 Overall, we are aiming to bring the Community closer to Product, so we will be partnering with the Product Managers to create more consistent engagement in the discussion forums. The goal is to build a strong relationship with our Community to highlight challenges and problem solve together.

Note that while we are bringing in more of Product, that does not mean you will lose all the many other good things in the Community! As I focus more of my energy on engaging Product, you will see new OpenSpace faces and names pop up in the Community, engaging with you all on different aspects of OpenSpace – we will have more of the OpenSpace team truly connected with the Community.

Please bear in mind that we are just kicking off this transition, but we wanted to be timely and provide you complete transparency into our plan. While we are all eager to deliver this Product-focused Community for you, we ask for your patience as we are under construction (pun intended!
😉🛠) for the next few months in order to get there. Additionally, we are letting you know of our plans before they are fully operational, because we want your input! As we always say, the OpenSpace Community is #BuiltForYouByYou, so we want to build this new Community focus with you. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and please share additional ideas you may have to further improve our Community 👇💬

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That automatic access to beta sounds pretty clutch.