May the Fourth (and reality capture) be with you!

May the Fourth (and reality capture) be with you!

📢 Calling all Star Wars fans: Star Wars Day is here!

We partnered with Community member and OpenSpace user @NZelenock, a fellow Star Wars fan, to deliver this fun blog post. THANK YOU TO NATHAN! 🙏
(Featured Image Credit: Nathan Zelenock -- edited by OpenSpace)


Construction Lessons from the Death Star

We had been thinking that things might have gone very differently a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away had the Empire used OpenSpace reality capture when building the Death Stars.

Much of the Skywalker story revolves around the construction (and destruction) of not one but two of these terrifying space stations—so much so that Star Wars feels more like a construction saga than a space opera. Both Death Star projects suffered from lengthy delays, administrative inefficiencies, and security and design flaws, not to mention extremely hostile work environments that led to sabotage and other critical failures.

So in honor of Star Wars Day, and thanks to a stolen Imperial report we've uncovered, we’re sharing just how OpenSpace reality capture would have helped these infamous construction projects move along (and empower the Rebellion) by enabling these and other important improvements:

  • Faster and more comprehensive jobsite documentation
  • Automated progress tracking
  • Reduced travel and new remote site management capabilities
  • Strengthened collaboration
  • More effective inspections and QA/QC

For our OpenSpace Community:

  • 🔍 Check out our blog post for the full analysis, and May the Fourth (and reality capture) be with you!
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Of course, @NZelenock earns the Death Star badge by default for his contributions to this piece! 😉


Thank you so much @Merry Richter and @Nikiya Crisostomo, unfortunately I wasn’t able to take off this year and troop with my local squad but this is definitely one of the next best things.