OpenSpace Community Badges Directory

  • 27 April 2022
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OpenSpace Community Badges Directory
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As you engage in our Community, there are different chances to earn badges! Some badges are available on an ongoing basis and you can receive them for completing certain tasks or achieving specific milestones. Other badges are only available for a short period of time (one-time or limited edition!).

Read below to get a full view of all the badges members have in the Community, and to learn how you can start or grow your own OpenSpace Community badge collection!

* The badge list will always be updated with the latest available badges *



Ongoing Badges




We celebrate every anniversary you hit as a valuable member of the OpenSpace Community! Unlock a new badge each new year of your membership anniversary.




Successfully refer FIVE new Community members to the OpenSpace Community to earn this badge and prove that you are an expert at building a top-notch construction Community team!




Complete any of the following foundational courses in OpenSpace Academy: Set up your project, Capture your site, or Navigate your site. In the OpenSpace Academy, you will earn a certificate. In the Community, you will earn this badge!




Pathfinders are OpenSpace’s top users and champions. They receive exclusive perks and benefits along with their participation in the Pathfinder program. Pathfinders are hand-selected by the OpenSpace team and the Pathfinders group is private and invite-only. If you are interested in applying to be a Pathfinder or in nominating someone to be a Pathfinder, submit the form today!



Pathfinders who partner with us to build out the OpenSpace Academy will earn this Academy Builder badge. Check the details on this post to understand the full requirements (post is only accessible to Pathfinders).




One-Time & Limited-Edition Badges





Share our 2023 Star Wars blog post on LinkedIn (and tag OpenSpace!) by May 31st, 11:59 PM PDT to earn this badge.



2022 MEME CHAMPION [Can No Longer Be Earned]

We held a 2022 Meme Madness competition, seeking creative submissions of OpenSpace/construction memes. The meme that received the most votes from the Community earned the title and the badge “2022 Meme Champion.”    



2021 WAYPOINT CHAMP [Can No Longer Be Earned]

Waypoint, OpenSpace’s first user summit, was held in Nov 2021 as a virtual event. One of the key activities for the event was a virtual BINGO game. Everyone who attended Waypoint 2021 and participated in our Waypoint BINGO earned the 2021 Waypoint Champ badge.


MASTER STARTER [Can No Longer Be Earned]

Master STARters were awarded weekly throughout the first month of the Community launch. Those who landed in the Top 3 of the Community leaderboard every week in Nov 2021 earned the Master STARter badge. They helped kickstart the activity and engagement in the Community when we were just first starting out!


FOUNDER [Can No Longer Be Earned]

A group of OpenSpace users were the founding members of the OpenSpace Community, joining during the soft launch and working with the OpenSpace Community Team to build it to what it was by the main launch in Oct/Nov 2021. They provided lots of valuable feedback and insights to ensure the Community is #BuiltForYouByYou in the construction industry.







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