POLL: COVID-19 Impacts on Tech Adoption

  • 17 September 2021
  • 6 replies

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COVID-19 has accelerated the development and adoption of many technologies in construction.

So we want to know:

When did your team start using OpenSpace?

6 replies

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The COVID lockdowns helped us show project teams and owners the value of Openspace.

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We had a lot of consultants that were forced into a virtual option due to covid but there were architects that enjoyed flying the site without actually having to fly to the site pre-pandemic. 

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With OpenSpace and the new LiDAR phones now, there have many new ways to bring the field into the office and it makes meetings so much more productive because we don’t have to go for a walk every time we want to discuss a field condition.

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We have so many projects adopting and relying on new technology but there are always exceptions. There are some projects who still look for the traditional aerial photography. The biggest challenge is ‘the mindset’ on few projects. 

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I agree with @SMO that the “mindset” is a pretty big hurdle to overcome.

I did want to loop in a separate thread that @Helio started around this similar topic:

Lots of good insights here around the broader discussion of the impacts technology has on how we work in the industry!

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The presence of COVID and inability to have many go to the construction site showed many the value of Openspace. It was also used in new ways such as discussing project scopes with subtrades instead of meeting on site to do so.