Weather Conditions: OpenSpace - an alternative to drones?

  • 10 December 2021
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During a conversation with Pauline Schoech @pschoech, one of our newest Pathfinders, she talked about how OpenSpace was a helpful alternative to drones. Pauline’s previous process during slab-on grades was to fly a drone around the specific area, but as they started going up, tower cranes got put on site and construction got messier. One of the biggest obstacles was weather. Being on the coast of Florida, strong wind and drones don’t always play nice. 

Unless there was a torrential downpour, OpenSpace became the most reliable option for Pauline and team. Taking a 5 to 10 minute OpenSpace capture allowed them to get their pre-pour inspections done without having to worry about the other external conditions and factors. 

Anyone else in Florida or in an area where the weather is dicey? Is OpenSpace solving this issue, or are you still using drones? 

1 reply

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@georgie great question! We still use drones but they are more for progress videos/photos of the exterior.