Any Experience with OpenSpace 3D Scan™ ?

  • 23 January 2023
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Hey Everyone,

Has anyone used the OpenSpace 3D Scan™️ tool? I haven’t used this tool yet.

Do you also need consistent WI-FI connection or consistent cellular service connection in order for the 3D Scan tool to work efficiently?


4 replies

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Hello Kev !

My name is Dan and I am on the OpenSpace support team.

When you take a Lidar 3D scan with the OpenSpace app you do not need to be actively connected to WiFi or Cellular data. I would recommend that you sync the Project while connected to WiFi/Cellular data before you go out to the site, this will ensure that the OpenSpace app is up to date ( your sheets are properly loaded, etc. ). Then you are free to go and take your 3d scans with no WiFi or Cellular Data.

Then when you are back with a strong connection open the app., go to your Project and then select Uploads to start pushing them to OpenSpace.

Please let me know if you have any questions !

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@Dan Keniley Thank you for your product feedback on this! Sounds pretty straight forward. I’ll let you know if I have future questions.

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It works well for a relatively small area, but don’t try to scan a whole floor.  I used it for an area where I needed to get a bunch of dimensions and it came in handy.

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@Dante DeFazio That’s really good advice. Thank you.