2022 OpenSpace Community Closeout

  • 6 January 2023
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2022 OpenSpace Community Closeout
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2022 has come to a close and now it’s time for the

OpenSpace Community Closeout!


This past year, 🌎 we grew our Community network across many different countries, 👥 we learned a lot from each other by getting into conversations and sharing tips & tricks and insights, and 💡we helped push the OpenSpace product to the next level by submitting innovative ideas to make it more effective for the industry. From all the virtual competitions and challenges to in-person events like Innovation Day, 2022 gave us many moments of growing, learning, and innovating together. Before we fully move into 2023, let’s revisit some of what we have been able to accomplish together last year 😊





Thank you all for continuing to build this Community with us.

On to 2023! #BuiltForYouByYou

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Great Job @Nikiya Crisostomo! All of that wouldn’t have been possible without all of your hard work and vision!