Back pain from carrying the camera

  • 21 November 2023
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I wear the Insta360 One RS (250 grams weight) about 15 hours a week. I've recently had tension in my upper back that I associate with carrying the camera. I would like to know if other people have similar experiences and if there are any tips on how to prevent it.

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3 replies

If you are currently using the hardhat mount, I suggest purchasing an Insta360 “selfie stick”. I have an extendable stick that I attach the camera to which has increased quality of my job walks. I found it is way more comfortable than adding weight to your head/neck which I bet is adding to your backpain. 

@benauerochs are you using a chin strap? We are doing a risk assessment for a full time capture operator, if anyone else had any issues with long term usage please share them. 

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agreed, Ive used three different cameras and two different hardhats w the mounts placed a bit different. 

I never checked the weights but the Insta360 One I am using now feels really heavy on my head, I finally caved and got a selfie stick.