Challenges to Internal Buy-In

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What are some of the most substantial challenges you all face in selling OpenSpace to your project teams internally?  Or are they all pretty willing to use the software?

For us in our company, it’s about teaching old dogs new tricks and selling them on that solid documentation and situational awareness provided by the tool!

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For me, it’s mostly about not being able to provide a quantifiable metric for savings or immediate return.


The only one I found to date is this new insurance credit provided by construction risk management firms. However this savings credit would just transfer over to the Ownership side.


The documentation aspect alone is going to save us [GC] a bunch of money on future issues & change orders; then the constant usage of the platform during construction is going to result in finding problems and fixing them before they result in rework. (But how does one quantify these values without the change order that usually determines the value for you? I think an accurate BIM, or digital twin, may be the key to the answer… but wait! Isn’t that what we’re working towards with all of this in the first place?!

Food for thought.)


Until then I feel it may just take some progressive ideals from some forward thinking & risk-taking executives to take the leap of faith. I believe they’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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I'm in a similar boat @Justin! Luckily, we had two projects nearly identical two years ago that really gave us a “proof of concept”. The first project we completed without using OpenSpace and the second one we did use it. It gave us internally a solid comparison not only on time saved for documentation but also the usefulness of it.

Trust me though, I am still working on teaching some of those old dogs this new trick. 

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@mdriscoll - I run across this same issue as far as finding ways to put a cost savings metric on the program.  The way I try best to sell it is the value in the documentation as internal issues come up, as well as issues that could arise with GC’s.  Insurance savings are probably a really good way to win buy in from the front office personnel!  The one thing that really sells our teams the most is when we can show a capture from Monday of this week next to a capture of Monday last week - when they see that, they’ll agree to move forward with the program every single time!


@E_M_KC - that’s awesome that you had the two projects going congruently to show such a good comparison on!  I imagine that made things really easy for the management team over there to see a clear difference in using the program vs. not using it.  Glad to see that some of the challenges I’m running up against here are the same that others are facing as well!