Discussion of Underutilized OpenSpace Features

  • 14 October 2022
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I feel like every time I go to an OpenSpace event or virtually attend Waypoint there is a load of features that I either didn’t know about or I knew they were there, but didn’t really find a use case for them.  Is there any interest in the community or on the OpenSpace team to maybe have like a monthly spotlight on a feature that you are finding that should be really powerful, but just isn’t seeing large scale adoption?  I think a lot of people fall in the categories of not knowing about it, not knowing how to use it, or in the case of feature addons, not knowing enough to justify the upgrade.  Let me know if anyone else shares the interest.

3 replies

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Hey @Gerard O'Donnell , I really like this idea and think that a lot of teams could benefit from this. @Nikiya Crisostomo and @Krystal Wu, we should definitely explore having a monthly post about use cases for features, in addition to our project highlight stories. 


@Gerard O'Donnell while we explore including something like this in the Community, I’d recommend you check out the ‘Advocacy’ tab as we have some use case stories in there. There’s also a post titled ‘OpenSpace One Pagers’ that could give you some good resources to identify all features that live within the OpenSpace website and mobile app.


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@Gerard O'Donnell this is a very good point! Thank you for bringing it up.

I checked with our team and they’ve actually been discussing some strategies for this already. Coming soon -- we will be testing out some methods in both the product and the Community. The first feature we will be focusing on is Field Notes (Innovation Day really showed us how we need to beef up our customer education and resources on that feature).

I will update this discussion once we start implementing 🤓

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The first feature we will be focusing on is Field Notes

Yes I think the field notes are the best added value to OpenSpace so far. Once we’ll be able to share those field notes (topic) it will be perfect 😁