Hardhat Obscuring Photo

  • 5 June 2023
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We have been using OpenSpace on several projects and one thing that’s consistently annoying is how much the hardhat obscures the image. We are using Ricoh Z1 cameras with the OpenSpace mounting bracket, but you still end up seeing quite a bit of hard hat in the final rendering. When I look at the videos on the OpenSpace website, they seem to move seamlessly through different photos and rotate, but I never see a hard hat obscuring the photo at all. Our camera looks like the mount in the support page. In a small corridor, the hard hat obscures enough of the photo to make it difficult to see the floor or wall base.

Is this a typical problem? Are we doing something wrong or is what’s shown on the website clever marketing angles?

Any suggestions for better picture quality and less hard hat? FYI, I did notice that if you mount the camera at an angle on the back of the hard hat, it makes it even worse.

1 reply

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Hi @MattThomas08 thank you for reaching out regarding this topic. Reading through your question it will be best to reach out to Support - so we can comb through your images, your camera details, and ask a handful of questions to fully understand your experience. 

We look forward to hearing from you!