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  • 28 November 2022
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Hey Everyone, 

I’ve used the Insta360 OneX2 camera and Ricoh Theta Z1 Camera on my jobs so if anyone has any questions about these cameras let me know. 

I have a list of supplemental products in this list below if any is interested in getting these for a good deal.

EX: Rechargeable battery pack, USB-C cables, camera pouch. Tablet I use is a Samsung Galaxy S5E.



6 replies

Kev - 


Obviously an old thread so maybe you see this - have you seen a drastic picture quality difference between the OneX2 and the Theta? I’ve been reading that the difference is substantial, but wanted to see specifically with Openspace if there is a difference large enough to make the price point difference worth it. 

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@Brendon K I’ve used the OneX2, Theta and the newer One RS - 1” and the quality difference between them is very noticeable and often times is the difference between unusable shots especially in low light vs really good image quality.  My favorite of the bunch specifically for OpenSpace is the One RS 1”, but the theta is close 2nd.  I wouldn’t use the OneX2 any more after realizing the improvements.  

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@Brendon K Gerard’s answer is super accurate. A downside of the Ricoh Theta is the max capture time per capture is only 25 minutes and battery lasts only 1-½ hours.

The only upside to the Ricoh Theta is that it has the largest fisheye lens with the widest field of view. (Less walking needed to capture more of the site).


I bought the insta360 x2 for my first tests here in Brazil, but in future I'm thinking in get the RS 1 inch.


The tablet you use is to complement the work? Here we usually don't use tablets, but it would be good for teams of production engineers 

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Hi Marcelo, both great choices in cameras, the RS 1 inch definitely works better in low lighting. The mobile app has the same capabilities as the tablet for captures or photos.

Sorry old thread, we are testing the RS one and Theta and both seem to have issues on low light levels - can anyone recommend a lighting system? hoping that openspace will create an AI auto exposure tool??