Vehicle Mounted Operation

  • 9 August 2022
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For those OpenSpace users interested in capturing larger sites, we have combined our 360 camera with hitch mounted poles.  This allows the operator to stay in the vehicle cab around mobile equipment and with a slow idle, can cover rough terrain and larger areas much more effectively.  This mode of capture can stress the route reconstruction so results may vary but is definitely worth exploring for industrial projects.


3 replies

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Sounds like you need to invest in SPOT @briangrosskleg 

Hey @Brian Grosskleg , are your projects still using this method of capturing and have you done any updates since you originally posted it? I really like this idea and going to try to recommend it to some of my customers that want to do a larger-scale video of residential communities, roadways, and civil type work. 

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Hi @Andres Rodriguez, yes we are still using the fiberglass pole with hitch mount, in fact we’re using multiple.  We have had to set speed limits to improve the tracking quality but it does work.  The Insta360 stabilization is also strong enough to keep the horizon flat while bouncing on a vehicle.  With the pole extended a small disturbance at the wheel-base, results in an amplified response at the camera, so extremely rough ground may be a problem, but graded gravel roads seems to be okay.  The range of the camera WiFi is sufficient for the operator to remain in the cab of the vehicle.