Reduce Risk, Save Time, Stay on Budget: Webinar Raffle!

  • 22 June 2022
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Reduce Risk, Save Time, Stay on Budget: Webinar Raffle!
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Thanks to everyone who is able to join us for
the Reduce Risk, Save Time, Stay on Budget webinar.

🎉 We are raffling off a Theragun Mini! 🎉

Complete the steps outlined below to be entered into the raffle. You need to participate by Friday, June 24, 2022, 11:59 PM PDT.


 What to do to be entered into the raffle! (It’s as easy as 1-2-3 🤓)


  1. ✅  Be a registered member of the OpenSpace Community.
  2. 🙂 Attend the Reduce Risk, Save Time, Stay on Budget webinar live OR watch the recording that will be sent out after the event.
  3. 📝  Comment on this post responding to the question:
    “How has technology helped your project teams save time or money?”


NOTE: All 3 steps must be completed in order to be eligible for the raffle prize!


The Theragun Mini winner will be announced in the Community on Monday, June 27, 2022. Stay tuned!

8 replies


currently on a new job coming out of the ground. I have been walking every pour with Open Space before each pour, which gives me the ability to go back and verify conduit and boxes are in the deck

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Technology has helped us save money by allowing us to visit jobsites remotely. It has also helped with progress meetings allowing the owner to see the project even when they were working remotely.  

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Openspace saves time by its straightforward approach when it comes to coordination. All professionals, and other individuals working for the ongoing project can access the project’s progression. Openspace can offer a better communication when it comes to construction and project management. Financially, it also helps the team using Openspace by minimizing site mobilization and determining the possible changes or errors in design vs. actual construction.


We use Openspace on a regular basis. Our project started last spring and we used Openspace from the start. Openspace has saved a countless amount of trips out to the field to check different things. We use it meetings all the time to solve issues as well. In the end we will have captures from day one to the end of project.

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Technology has helped our project team save huge amounts of time. OpenSpace specifically has saved countless trips into our new building to “have a look” at something. Our Construction Management software integrating with OpenSpace also provides us with a major time saving. We’re looking forward to using ClearSight and realizing the value of this other new technology. 

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Technology has helped our project team save money by allowing us to go back into past OpenSpace captures of electrical and HVAC items. To further elaborate, on a project we needed to know which direction the wiring was going behind the drywall. We ended up going back 2 weeks prior when the framing for drywall was set up and found out which direction the wiring was. Doing this saved us hundreds of dollars because we didn’t have to open up drywall to make electrical changes.


-Tiger from the construction industry.


Not a current user of OpenSpace but I can see where this technology can prove to be valuable in documenting so may aspects of our job progress. We will be continuing our investigation and evaluation of OpenSpace.


Condie - IT Director

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Thank you to everyone who participated in our raffle! 🙏

The winner of the Theragun Mini is…

@Tiger!!! 🎉🎊


Congratulations! We will coordinate directly with you for delivery of the prize.


To everyone else, there will be many more opportunities to win rewards as you continue to stay engaged with the OpenSpace Community 🙂