Are there ways to deploy and integrate openspace in another solution?

  • 30 January 2023
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Hi, I was thinking whether there is a way to integrate openspace into our (client specific) ui application with APIs and eventually over iframe.


Do you guys have experience with that?


1 reply

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Hello @eugenfunk !

My name is Dan and I am from the Support team.

At this time we do not have open APIs that can be used to pull information from our application ( capture information, user management, etc. ). I know this is on the Product Team’s radar but I do not have a timeframe that I could provide for when this might be implemented.

We have many users who will embed the OpenSpace application into Power BI, iFrames and similar pages by using our Public Link option. Site Admins and Org Admins have the ability to update a Project to have a Public Link, a URL that will provide access to the Project with anyone who has the URL. You would simply take this URL and insert it into your coding ( Example for iFrame would be <iframe src=”YOURPUBLICLINK”></iframe> ) and that will embed the Project. Here is the link to out Help Page on how to set a Project to use a Public Link :

Please let me know if you have any questions.