Capture Naming Glitch

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Recently when naming captures on the mobile app, the suggestions box will cause the text box to disappear. This is a minor issue, but can become annoying when typing out capture names that are similar.


For example, if I have a capture named “East Campus L4.5 5/23” and I am moving down to the next level and want to name it “East Campus L3.5 5/23,” the text box will disappear which causes me to guess at the typing until the suggestion box goes away. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

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@aabaker I don’t do walks on a regular basis but I experienced that same thing about a year ago. That is annoying when you are in the field and just trying to get some capturing done.

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@aabaker To get around the glitch, I make sure I have the app open with cellular data on and my tablet running. Click on the project with data still on not connected to the camera and give it a minute to load before you start your walk. Then connect to the camera WIFI. This way all your data is already loaded in and your suggestions box and text box will stay before you name the capture.

When I stop a capture I hit the orange stop button and keep the app running in to avoid the glitch also.