Intergrate with Autodesk Build (Tablet)

  • 4 August 2023
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Just have a question. Is it on the roadmap for the ACC Field Note Integration to be available on tablets/mobile devices? Currently getting this when I test it out on tablet.


2 replies

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Hi @Kev Lyons thanks for the question/feedback! We are currently planning a number of potential improvements to integrations over the coming year, with mobile integration capability being one of them. So I would say that this is on the roadmap, but it’s just undecided exactly when it will land. 


If you could provide any details around the use case for you and how much value it would provide, that would help with our prioritization efforts! 

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I believe ACC integration on tablet would be really useful. Its most useful feature is for closeout items and punch lists. ACC integrated RFIs/Issues would allow project managers to do one full sweep and generate final RFIs close to the construction deadline and streamline communication by making markups and comments at the spot of the final items.