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  • 27 August 2022
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Does anyone else have issues with the location tracking? When I take a capture it forces me to change the location tracking to ‘always on’. I would prefer ‘only when using the app’, but it doesn’t seem to accept that. A day or so later after updating the setting so I can capture on the job site - my phone notifies me and asks if I really want the openspace app to be always tracking. No, I would prefer not. So I change it back. I have to continually go back and forth in order to get a successful capture.

It doesn’t seem like all my co-workers have this issue, but I have noticed it with some. What setting am I missing? 

7 replies

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Thanks for sharing the experience - I’ve had the same thing happen with my last two captures - I’ve just gone in and adjusted the location settings, but also would prefer only to have the location tracking while using the app.

Following along to see if I have my settings set wrong somewhere as well!

Hi Justin and Alex ! My Name is Dan and I am from the Support Team here at OpenSpace. 

I am sorry to hear you are having trouble with location tracking. Can I ask you what type of mobile device you are using ( iPhone, Andrios, iPad, etc. )? Also, Alex you stated your co-workers do not have this problem, do you know if they use the same type of mobile device or something different?

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iPhone for me!

I also use an iPad sometimes for the captures, but prefer the phone - don’t believe I’ve had the issue when using the iPad.

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@Dan Keniley

Most of us in office are iPhone users so that’s where most of my (and our office’s) experience is with the app. We do have ipads available I could try out if needed. Thanks for the reply! Glad I’m not alone in seeing this.

Hi Alex and Justin. 
Thank you for your patience.
Can you check to see what the location setting is for the OpenSpace app ? There is an option ‘ Ask Next time or when I share’, I wonder if this is checked on on your phones. 

Here are the steps if you are unsure how to update location tracking settings for your iPhone apps :

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I currently have ‘While Using the App’ selected. I do have the options you mentioned, but that is not selected. When I do a capture, it forces me to turn on my location even though this setting is checked to ‘While Using the App’. It only lets me capture if ‘Always’ is checked.


Thank you for the information, that is exactly what I need. I will contact our internal teams and see if this is intended behavior ( I don’t believe it is ), once I hear back I will update you here.