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  • 17 November 2021
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Can someone tell me if there is a way to set more capture points? meaning as i walk and capture  “LAYOUT” the day my framing duration starts on a floor and i want to capture every inch of layoput done by MEP trades as evedience as to weather they did or did not have it done the day my duration begins i am not getting very good results. camera is set to the most pictures per second  i can and i pause as i walk holding position over important locations to note and i wont get a picture sometimes. it will be between frames or openspace process a vantage point that isnt what im looking for. openspace always captures the overall “BIG PICTURE” but for  “LAYOUT” captures this isnt work very well. is there a way to have more capture points on the finished stiched together version i get as a finish product? because as is a user has big gaps in capture.

4 replies

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Hey @ReaJoshua, the camera takes images every 0.5 seconds - unfortunately there’s no way to increase the frequency that images are taken. A couple of suggestions for you: 

  1. Utilize the ‘frame by frame’ feature in the bottom of the screen. If you hit the ‘next frame’ or ‘previous frame’, this will take you ½ second ahead or behind in time and might give you a better image of the area that you are looking at.
  2. Utilize the ‘360 Photo’ option when capturing. If you are looking for a high quality image of one particular area, you can take a 360 Photo to make sure you get the best image quality. I’d recommend you continue to do primarily 360 Video captures and use the 360 Photos for supplemental documentation. 

Hope this helps!

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@jheinze Thanks for the advice. During the course of a walk the camera is taking WAY MORE pictures at WAY MORE vantage points than what the final edited image lets a user access. Some times i stand directly over an area for 30 seconds. This should produce several pictures based on your time line and a lot of the time not a single image from that 30 seconds will make the final cut.  it would make all the difference in the world as far as detailed captures go if there were more capture points in the overall finished image users get. Its not the amount of pictures thats the problem its the large gaps in time and inability to see the space inbetween these large gaps in time. This cant be fixed on the camera or app side this is processing and editing of the images. If i take the time to stop and hold the camera above floor layout for 30 seconds and take 60 pictures (based off your picture every .5 sec )  This should produce several pictures at this location if i stand there for 30 seconds. Many times these images do not make the final cut. leaving the user wasting time and the end result dose not have the images desired.

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The only thing that I have done in captures which works a little bit better is rather than standing still at a location that you really want, double back and walk the same room or the same wall twice.  Tends to give me more vantage points when I go back and review the captures when I have walked a space multiple times from multiple directions.  

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  • Gerard, thanks. ill give it a try today and see how it goes!