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  • 3 November 2021
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used open space for something a little different today. Building a 35 story high rise currently we are framed with drywall top out done up to level 09 with layout done up to L19. MEP subs having layout of penetrations through walls on time is almost always an issue with “go backs” by framer/drywaller trade usually associated with missing layout. Sequencing has the MEP trades laying out their penetrations 1 floor ahead of framing. 

This creates opportunity for an openspace capture right before framing begins that accounts for layout having been present at the time framing begins and eliminates argument of weather layout was or was not there. This helps greatly with identifying cost responsible party of said “go back” work.

Held camera face down towards floor about waist height with a decent light and walked the entire floor, every wall line and defiantly captured what was or was not there at the time.


2 replies

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@ReaJoshua I also have had many similar experiences. I use my camera right before the milestones of closing up walls spotting potential roadblocks before it becomes a problem in the overall schedule. OpenSpace is a great tool for viewing any issues with ceiling coordination too when you reach that point in the job. Luckily, BIM reduces the errors in ceiling coordination and helps also.

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@ReaJoshua and @KevLyons Love both of these examples! We had Brasfield & Gorrie share similar insights during a webinar last week. Feel free to listen to the recording here and let us know what you think!