Product Ideas - BETA! Coming June 1, 2022

  • 24 May 2022
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On June 1, 2022, we will be archiving our Product Ideas group, and beta testing our Product Ideas module!



More and more product ideas and feature requests are being submitted in our Product Ideas group. We want to optimize this process. By replacing the Product Ideas group with the Product Ideas module:

📂 Users will be able to submit product ideas under different Product Areas (Account Management, BIM, Capture, OpenSpace Track, Field Notes, Integrations, Other)

 :ballot_box: Users will be able to clearly see the number of votes each idea has, so it’s easier to identify the product ideas that are the most popular

🗨️️ Just like the current Product Ideas group, Community members will still be able to leave comments on each other’s ideas



By June 1, 2022:

❌ You will no longer have access to the Product Ideas group. 

💡 The Product Ideas module will be live (Main Menu) and can be accessed by all Community members who are OpenSpace users.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are an OpenSpace user but you registered for the Community with a different email address (not your OpenSpace login), please either DM Nikiya in the Community or email to request access to the Product Ideas module. 


➡️ All existing Product Ideas submitted in the Product Ideas group will automatically be converted into Product Ideas in the Product Ideas module. 


📜 An article will be published in the Community to provide guidelines on how to submit and vote on ideas in the new Product Ideas module. 

4 replies

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This is great news @Jess Lam I will have to make a burner account for submitting some of ideas lol

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The Product Ideas Module is live! Our previous Product Ideas Group has been archived. Please check the idea module guidelines for everything you need to know about ideation in the Community. The product team is excited to learn more about your ideas!

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Thanks for the update @Jess Lam 

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Update: Our new Product Ideas in the Community are now out of beta! Please read to check out the new process here and guidelines here. We look forward to seeing your ideas in the Community 👏